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Guardian Glass Project: AFI Tech Park

Guardian Glass Project: AFI Tech Park

AFI Tech Park is a 70,000 square-metre business campus that comprises of two office buildings and one office tower. Located at the intersection between downtown Bucharest and three major residential districts, the campus is surrounded by green areas and has a central plaza and gardens, underground parking, shops and food outlets. AFI Tech Park is certified LEED Platinum.

Guardian Glass Project: AFI Tech Park
© Arthur Tintu

The project benefits from double insulating glass units, thermal insulation glass and solar control glass – all supplied by Guardian Glass. The solar control glass for the glazed façade is Guardian SunGuard® SuperNeutral (SN) 70/37 and 70/35, which have an attractive, transparent, neutral blue reflected colour with low reflection that is ideal for fully glazed façades. The coatings also minimise the need for artificial light and offer outstanding thermal insulation, keeping occupants comfortable at all times of the year.

Guardian Glass Project: AFI Tech Park
© Arthur Tintu

Guardian SunGuard® High Performance (HP) Neutral 60/40 solar protective glass was also chosen for the project due to its combination of aesthetic and performance qualities. This highly transparent, neutral-looking glass allows lots of natural daylight into the building, while providing good solar heat reflection and thermal insulation.

Guardian Glass Project: AFI Tech Park
© Arthur Tintu

COUNTRY: Romania

CITY: Bucharest

ARCHITECT: MYS architects


CLADDER: MIMO group techmorex ai-prompt



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