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Yakut Cam relies on LISEC as their solution provider for flat glass processing

Yakut Cam was founded in 1972 as a wholesaler for glass products. Since 2008 the company operates under the name Yakut Cam and has since contributed to numerous prestigious projects in Turkey and abroad. Today with its high-technology machine park and high volume output it has taken its place among the leading companies in the architectural glass processing business in Turkey.

Yakut Cam Turkey Lisec Glass Machine

Yakut Cam is on the rise. If you become a certified producer for SISECAM insulated glass (under the brand ISICAM) you must be doing something right. Since the first years of being an authorized producer, it has taken its place among the top 10 companies every year from around 200 dealers in terms of annual production amount. The company, which employs around 150 employees, is specialised in the production & processing of structural glasses, double and triple insulated glass, shower glass and glass tables, mirrors, parapet glasses, partition glasses and insulated glass with georgian bars. The production of structural glass accounts for 70% of the turnover. New products & developments include quadruple IG units and large size glass products.

Yakut Cam Turkey Lisec Glass Machine

The cooperation with LiSEC started 2007. Fatih Poyraz, owner of the company: “We investigated the market in search of possible suppliers and knew that LiSEC has a very good reputation regarding machinery and software for this business. We took this reputation as the basis for our discussions with Ayhan Özgür.” But it takes more than a good reputation the business man is convinced. “We wanted to sense the reputation LiSEC has in the cooperation with us in order to confirm or not.”

Yakut Cam Turkey Lisec Glass Machine

LiSEC was able to meet the high requirements of Yakut Cam and delivered and installed following lines and machines including the necessary software for order processing and production management: 1 jumbo glass cutting line type ESL, 1  glass cutting table base CUT, 1  jumbo size laminated glass cutting bridge type VB 60, 1 KSR for edge seaming, 1 vertical CNC drilling machine from the Schraml range of products, and 2 IG lines including sealing robot.

Yakut Cam Turkey Lisec Glass Machine

Poyraz: “ The situation on the market is really challenging. Not only are there many high output glass processing facilities in Turkey, also the products that are requested get more complex regarding both size and functionality – so many of these processors are looking for ways to increase added value in order to secure deals.” Apart from these challenging market conditions, Yakut Cam also focuses on the realisation of goals – like, for instance, to increase the export rate up to 60%. “We are in a high speed and fast growing market that offers no room for quality compromises – in the long term only those companies will survive who invest in technology at the right time. We have done so with the most reliable partner on the market: LiSEC. High product quality and top notch service is what make LiSEC unique.”



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