Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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Structural Glass Walls Gravity and Stability Elements

In this paper we will look at the potential of what is now a commonly used component in facade design - a load-bearing glass wall panel.

Enhanced Effective Thickness Method for Cantilevered Laminated Glass Balustrades

Cantilevered laminated glass balustrades supported by bearing in continuous base shoes are among the most ordinary applications of structural glass.

The Application and Development Trend of Vacuum Insulated Glass

This article is focused on the main advantages of vacuum glass comparing the characteristics such as sound insulation, thermal transmission and anti-condensation with insulated glass based on the application area of vacuum glass.

Smart Glazing in Intelligent Buildings

The integration of smart glazing and adaptive façade in buildings can lead to large performance improvements.

Structural Glazing Analysis for Complex Shape Structures

In recent years the architectural concept of the façades has changed radically: the curtain wall has left its pure role of division between the internal and external environment.

Complex Curved Storefront: The Looking Glass

This article focusses on the special glass part of the façade that covers both the ground floor as well as the first floor with a total height of 8.5 m and width of 6.5 m.

Wireless Powering for Glass Laminated Functionalities

A safe, high efficiency, small size wireless power transfer system with extremely thin power receiver capable of supplying electric inside glass laminates.

Bird Safe Glass – Design Rules to Meet Your Budget and Minimize Bird Collisions

Architects can minimize costs related to bird safe glass design rules with smart decisions in the planning phase.

Technical Considerations and Performance of Structural Glazing Glass Façade of High-Rise Building in Extreme Climate

This case study describes the façade performance of the 2nd tallest building in China, the Ping An International Finance Center located in Shenzhen.

Chaoyang Park Plaza Tower: Design and Construction of Complex Geometry Facade

Chaoyang Park Plaza is in the central business district (CBD) of Beijing. A pair of asymmetrical towers up to 143m creates a dramatic skyline.

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