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Hegla Group at Colombia Glass 2019

The HEGLA Group, HEGLA TaiFin, HEGLA-HANIC and HEGLA boraident exhibited jointly under the motto “Shaping the future and providing impulses for the present”

Hegla at Colombia Glass 2019

At the Conference & Workshops, part of Colombia Glass 2019, Mr. Rolf Meyer gave a speech with the title “HEGLA presents solutions for the present and future of glass processing”.


  • Space-saving storage and provisioning solutions for glass
  • Loading solutions for all requirements
  • Automatic Shuttle-Storage – a shuttle storage system that meets the highest standards
  • High performance for float glass cutting and breaking lines
  • High performance for laminated glass cutting lines
  • Combined cutting solutions for float glass and laminated Glass (incl. shapes)
  • Residual glass handling that sets standards
  • SortJet for online/offline production


  • Advanced Glass Furnaces


  • Robust software solutions

HEGLA Boraident

  • Upgrading Glass Products with solutions for Laser marking on glass, Laser structuring, edge deletion and decorating of glass

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