Sunday, September 19, 2021

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Glass Projects

OKALUX: Deichman Bjørvika Library – Norwegian Light Show

The new building by Atelier Oslo and Lund Hagem Architects is the result of a joint competition success, which combines innovative thinking with energy-efficient architecture.

Guardian Glass Project: cube berlin

The fully glazed façade is extremely energy efficient due to its osmotic skin, which includes a pioneering application of solar control coatings on the...
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Glass Cutting

Hegla Shop Floor Assistant: Digital support for staff

More often than not, it’s the minor activities and extra jobs on the side that take up staff time and inhibit productivity.

Hegla UK relocated to new address

Hegla UK, has now relocated to new premises as part of a larger expansion programme. Since the mutually agreeable separation with Bystronic glass UK at...

Turomas: In difficult times, a good service is essential

After the recent events happening on a global scale, by the spread of the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, TUROMAS has implemented a...

Rákosy Glass – innovative and decorative products for the construction glass industry by LiSEC

Mr Rákosy is generally extremely satisfied with the cooperation with LiSEC. In particular with regards to service and spare parts availability. The family company Rákosy...

CMS Glass Machinery: Changes its brand identity

Say Hello to the New Logo CMS Glass Machinery as a company, has come a long way. 2020 marks our 25 years in glass machine...


Structural Glazing Analysis for Complex Shape Structures

In recent years the architectural concept of the façades has changed radically: the curtain wall has left its pure role of division between the internal and external environment.

Insulating Glass

Complex Curved Storefront: The Looking Glass

This article focusses on the special glass part of the façade that covers both the ground floor as well as the first floor with a total height of 8.5 m and width of 6.5 m.

Fenzi Group at Mir Stekla 2021

The Fenzi Group will present its latest technologies to the key players in the sector meeting in Moscow from 22 to 25 March 2021.

Fenzi Group’s Molver obtains CEKAL certification

CEKAL certified quality for the Fenzi range of molecular sieves for high performance insulating glass units.

Windows Replacement in National Recovery Plan

Windows replacement ticks all the boxes of the recovery fund: relaunching the economy in a sector deeply impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, creating jobs, delivering energy efficiency e CO2 cuts, improving EU citizen lives (e.g. energy poverty). Member States should be encouraged to allocate part of the Recovery Fund to finance building renovation and window replacement.

Vitro Architectural Glass Announces Integration of Construct Tool with FenestraPro Façade Design Platform

Vitro Architectural Glass announced that its Construct tool now functionally integrates with leading façade design platform FenestraPro.


Complex Curved Storefront: The Looking Glass

This article focusses on the special glass part of the façade that covers both the ground floor as well as the first floor with a total height of 8.5 m and width of 6.5 m.

Glass Processing

Glass Coloring and Best Tricks

Love color and glass? Fire up your imagination! Our Vanceva® color system gives you more than 17,000 colors! Here are our best tricks and tips to make your project glow.

Glass Art in the Context of Architecture

In the heart of London „22 Bishopsgate“ soars 278 meters into the sky. Consist of 149 laminates in total, colorfully designed by Alexander Beleschenko.

UK Government spearheads £54m Investment to Revive Merseyside’s Historic Glass Industry

The Liverpool City Region will benefit from £54 million investment to revitalise its glass industry and support the region’s economic recovery.

Tvitec has Possibly Manufactured the World’s Most Luxurious Glass

The newest line engraves precious metals, as gold, on the glass surface through the use of the most sophisticated serigraphy technology in both flat and curved glass.

Creating Bird-Safe Beauty with Glass

Ferro & Dip-Tech have taken a strategic decision to reduce the deadly effect of glass on birds using its in-house technology, delivering aesthetically pleasing, life-saving solutions.


Lisec: How you can benefit from the innovations in glass cutting machines for laminated glass?

For 25 years LiSEC has been working at the highest international level with machines for cutting laminated glass. If there is one thing we...

Glass Tempering

Mappi appointed Glassmak as new representative for the Polish market

We are pleased to announce that Glassmak in the person of Mr. Adam Makarowski had been appointed the new Mappi representative in Poland. This means...

Mappi and Tecnoglass: a story made of a shared passion for excellence

At the center of the Tecnoglass manufacturing process is the tempering furnace Mappi Ats 4.0 2500x5000 The history of Tecnoglass begins in 1963. Year after...

HEGLA launches Taifin CTF glass tempering furnace

HEGLA TaiFin has now expanded its expertise in the glass processing sector by launching the CTF Series of flat glass tempering furnaces. A full convection...

Mappi chooses not to participate to Glasstec 2020

Life is made of choices and choices must follow the heart and mind. For Mappi, each international fair represents passion, desire, new emotions in...

Sasu Koivumäki appointed acting CEO of Glaston

Glaston's President and CEO Arto Metsänen to retire from the company. Arto Metsänen (b. 1956) has announced he will retire from the company on 1...


Distortions of Curved Glass and Quality Control

Glass distortions may cause objects to appear irregular and out of focus when observed through a distorted glass panel. 1 Abstract Glass distortions may cause objects...

Laminated Glass

Enhanced Effective Thickness Method for Cantilevered Laminated Glass Balustrades

Cantilevered laminated glass balustrades supported by bearing in continuous base shoes are among the most ordinary applications of structural glass.

Wireless Powering for Glass Laminated Functionalities

A safe, high efficiency, small size wireless power transfer system with extremely thin power receiver capable of supplying electric inside glass laminates.

Trosifol® Case Study: Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo (Marco Polo Airport)

Located just to the north of the historic Italian city of Venice, Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo (Marco Polo Airport) greets flights from all over the world; and with over 11 million passengers transiting in 2018, it has earned the accolade of being Italy’s fourth busiest airport.

Laminated Glass with Saflex® Structural has Construction Benefits in Germany

Eastman Chemical Company, manufacturer of Saflex® PVB for architectural applications, is pleased to announce that laminated glass comprising Saflex Structural (DG) interlayer has received a General Construction Approval

Frameless Glass Structure: The Future of Glazing

Eastman and Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering have partnered to develop a new laminated glazing product. This revolutionary product consists of several small glass panes that form a large, complete pane without the use of metal parts or brackets!


Edge Strength of Core Drilled and Waterjet Cut Holes in Architectural Glass

Traditionally, the hole in the glass pane is manufactured by core drilling and conical edge finishing. An alternative method is by waterjet cutting the holes, resulting in cylindrically shaped holes.

Float Glass

VDMA: Recycling flat glass – circular economy with potential

Sustainability and the circular economy are increasingly influencing work and production processes in glass manufacturing, too.

Horn Glass Builds a New Facility in Telangana

AGI glaspac has partnered with HORN Glass Industries to build a new furnace of 154 TPD at AGI Speciality Glass Division’s Bhongir plant in Telangana.

HORN® Glass Industries AG Takes Over JSJ Jodeit GmbH

HORN® Glass Industries AG has acquired the Melting Technology Division of JSJ Jodeit GmbH with effect from 1st April 2021.

New Furnace for High-tech Glass Factory Ritzenhoff AG by HORN Glass Industries

The 30 tpd end fired furnace for crystal glass was modified together with the two production lines and partly equipped with furnace equipment by HORN Glass.

Sodalime Silicate Glass Now Benefits from its own CAS Number

A CAS Registry Number is a unique numerical identifier assigned by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) to every chemical substance described in the open scientific literature, including organic and inorganic compounds, minerals, isotopes, alloys and nonstructurable materials (UVCBs, substances of unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products, or biological origin).