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Engineering excellence at your fingertips via Bystronic Glass HEGLA UK partnership

Bystronic Glass HEGLA UK partnership

Bystronic glass and HEGLA are well recognised as premium brands with design innovation and engineering excellence considered the best on the market by customers.

With glass processors investing large sums of money in precision engineering systems such as these, the support and training for customers that accompanies that must be exceptional. Keeping the machinery working at optimum performance once installation and operator training is complete lies firmly in the hands of the engineers.

Bystronic Glass HEGLA UK partnership

For over 19 years the Bystronic glass UK engineering team has been carefully developed and structured to meet the demands of customers needing guarantees, reliability and product quality on a daily basis. Alongside the HEGLA engineering team this has led to business owners relying upon their skills and expertise to help maintain the heart of their glass processing companies.

Steve Powell Managing Director Bystronic glass UK comments, “The training of our engineers in all areas of installation and service work ensures all HSE requirements are satisfied. We place safe practices as a priority particularly when working with customers and training operatives who have to comply to the regulations. Yet our team does so much more than this.

Working on installations with a high degree of training has turned our team into innovators themselves. The entire team provides practical applications and solutions with all of them time served craftsmen who can create solutions to issues that may arise during the lifetime of a machine.”

So what makes a Bystronic glass or HEGLA UK engineer an essential aspect to the whole investment?

Understanding the systems is just one part of the job and with the developments in innovation that are regularly introduced, evaluating and training on the equipment is a continuous process which has to be fully grasped. By gaining factory training the engineering teams are involved in pre-acceptance tests at the Bystronic and HEGLA factories before despatch. Combine this with needing to instruct operators to the highest levels enables the team to set benchmarks for the industry.

Bystronic Glass HEGLA UK partnership

Steve continues, “The capabilities of our engineers are a reflection of their theoretical knowledge that they have gained from years of study and practice. We insist that they stay up-to-date with developments in the industry, as the changes in technology and installation techniques can change rapidly.

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This requires our engineers to think creatively and to find ways to make bespoke installations work. A strong analytical aptitude is vital in order to solve problems or to ensure machinery is working at its best once installed.

Gathering information whilst performing service and maintenance work on Bystronic and HEGLA production machinery is recorded by inputting the data into the bespoke Bystronic glass service software system, that has been meticulously developed by the UK team and rolled out globally, allows us to use the information as a resource. Our spares for example all have pictures for easy recognition in respect of all our engineers. This simplifies ordering also for our customers.”
The combined skills of Bystronic glass engineers ensures that our customers get the best out of the PMCs undertaken at the time of purchase for Bystronic insulating glass production machinery and HEGLA cutting systems. As logical thinkers’ customers gain the advantages of being able to discuss queries either at the time of installation or during regular scheduled maintenance time. The team can make sense of the complexities of the systems and spot where any potential problems can arise via a coherent understanding of the machinery.

With a natural analytical aptitude, the team as a whole, via the management systems in place can identify and establish the source of problems to resolve the issues quickly and keep customers production lines working.

Bystronic Glass HEGLA UK partnership

Steve comments, “Establishing problem sources and rectifying with bespoke options is what makes the Bystronic glass engineers great.”

Through rigorous training the Bystronic glass UK team has a natural predisposition towards deduction and problem solving. Part of the job demands meticulous attention to detail as even the tiniest miscalculation could be very damaging to precision engineered products.

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Steve continues, “In terms of HSE not only do our engineers have the right to be safe handling equipment such as cranes, forklifts and cherry pickers, but they have a duty to ensure those around them and those that will operate that machinery are safe. Being trained to the highest standards and exceeding customer expectation in respect of this is a pre-requisite of being a Bystronic engineer.”

Risk assessment and method statements are required as standard on all projects so intense training is essential to fully understand the consequences of the tasks at hand. Working safely to the highest standards is not just about finishing an installation safely. Training others in the handling of equipment is a huge responsibility that the engineering team does not take lightly. Manual handling, working at heights, slinging and banksman roles all require meticulous attention to detail and clear and calm communication during the process of training operatives.

Steve Powell continues, “The translation of highly complex terminology into a language that everyone down the production line can understand is vital for our engineers. Disseminating technical information effectively is absolutely essential.”

Bystronic Glass HEGLA UK partnership

As team players who multi-task, being more than good is a reflection of the structures created in-house and the standards expected. The Bystronic glass engineers have exceptionally well developed interpersonal skills to ensure that they can build a rapport with Bystronic and HEGLA customers and the people they train. This is essential as during routine maintenance they have to be able to communicate effectively, explaining why any necessary spares may be needed to complete the work. The team has to have the ability to communicate at the highest level as they all work towards achieving their common goal.

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Steve concludes, “Regarding Preventative Maintenance our customers appreciate that frequently, via routine maintenance checks, the engineers’ experience will help to avoid costly breakdowns. Essentially, they are a part of the sales team when it comes to parts and service.

Prioritising tasks to manage our work effectively ensures that the project is finished on time and within budget.

Alongside HEGLA UK the Bystronic glass engineering team has achieved phenomenal results for customers, making it one of the strongest partnerships in respect of technical solutions for the sector.”

For more information or to discuss PMCs please call Steve Powell on 01952 677971 or for sales please call Steve Goble on 01908 261933.

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