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Exceptional guarantees from HEGLA’s Rapid-Store

HEGLA's Rapid-Store

The pedigree of the Helga brand is well recognised both nationally and internationally with glass processors who make investments in reliable machinery and quality standards. The experience of the engineers ensures that a business can stay ahead in challenging economic times.

Increasing efficiency and output remains a priority for manufacturers, particularly in the light of a current, ‘uneasy’ business climate regarding uncertainties with the Eurozone. There are many companies who are strategising in preparation for a potential shift in conditions that could come about later this year.

HEGLA regularly evaluates market trends and production requirements for processors with the team focused on providing complete, tailored solutions that can be fully integrated into existing production lines.

The Rapidstore automated storage system is just such a product as it simplifies manufacturing methods and gives business owners greater business growth.

With more glass coatings being used and different types of specialist glass now required for commercial and domestic projects, being able to supply a variety of glazing options.

For many companies one of the biggest issues during production is being able to supply multiple glass types to the cutting table. With the Rapidstore,in combination with a standard double sided loader glass can be held in bulk such as 4mm float and soft coat in the double sided loader, and slower glass types as well as patterned glass can be held in multi positions in the Rapidstore. In this way multiple products are quickly and efficiently incorporated into the production run without the need to slow down the manufacturing process, warehouse software assures a smooth transition between products.

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Steve Goble comments, “A glass processor could need to use many specialist glasses for a variety of customer’s projects. Typical Rapidstore configurations have 20-30 or more glass types in a limited area.   The Rapidstore eliminates the need to stop production to search for the right glass type for a particular project, less manual moving of glass means less damage. It keeps the cycle times running rather than shifts having to be stopped to select the right glass from separate storage areas.”

For high volume manufacturers with a large product range, there are key advantages to HEGLA’s Rapidstore. For some manufacturers storage can be outside the working areas of the cranes or even adjacent to the cutting line. There are many installation combinations that are possible.

Regarding jumbo sized glasses, the Rapidstore can be installed in combination with the gantry loading systems, although this is dependent on space.

Steve continues, “A crane is positioned based on a company’s needs at a particular time obviously typically when they move into a factory, the Rapidstore can operate outside this typical crane line in space that would not normally be considered for auto glass storage. HEGLA is skilled in creating layout designs that will suit business needs as a company grows.”

This fully automated system from HEGLA provides efficiency for companies that wish to diversify and is ideal for glass processors who want to grow as market trends develop.

Steve Goble continues, “Quick and efficient production is now vital to the smooth operation of factories in the UK or anwhere in the World. Machines must have higher output with a minimum of the same manpower, preferably with less manpower.

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The new generation of glasses require precision engineering to guarantee the quality of the glass on all sized projects. Specifiers, designers and end users are demanding more from products today and processors need to be able to keep pace with them.”

The HEGLA team works closely with key industry decision makers and customers then carefully strategises plans in order to develop systems that will improve automation standards across the sector.

Accommodating customer needs is a priority for the HEGLA group, who work hard to accommodate customer needs and ensure that reliability and increased productivity will guarantee exceptional results.

To improve manufacturing efficiency or to discover more about the Rapidstore system and other products in the HEGLA range please call Steve Goble or Paul Gibbs on: 01908 261933

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