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Guardian Glass Project: Aviatica

The building is certified to International standard LEED Gold thanks to the use of a variety of energy management systems including the use of Guardian SunGuard SNX 60/28 solar protective glass.

Guardian Glass Project: Le Kosmo

The high-quality façades are glazed with Guardian SunGuard® eXtra Selective (SNX) 60/28, a triple silver coated solar control glass.

Glass Art in the Context of Architecture

In the heart of London „22 Bishopsgate“ soars 278 meters into the sky. Consist of 149 laminates in total, colorfully designed by Alexander Beleschenko.

Guardian Glass Project: Business Center Lotus

Lotus Business Centre is a high-tech, functional piece of modern architecture that provides panoramic views across the Russian capital. Designed by one of Russia’s leading architectural firms, SPEECH, the 153,000 square meter complex comprises of three identical towers (two office and one residential) joined by a supporting underground base.

Bird Safe Glass – Design Rules to Meet Your Budget and Minimize Bird Collisions

Architects can minimize costs related to bird safe glass design rules with smart decisions in the planning phase.

Trosifol® Case Study: Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo (Marco Polo Airport)

Located just to the north of the historic Italian city of Venice, Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo (Marco Polo Airport) greets flights from all over the world; and with over 11 million passengers transiting in 2018, it has earned the accolade of being Italy’s fourth busiest airport.

Guardian Glass Project: Vilnius University Library

Designed by Paleko Arch Studija, the University Library is located on the outskirts of Vilnius near to a pine forest, which inspired the architect to give the building a spatial feel – cosy inside spaces linked to nature.

Guardian Glass Project: Burntwood School

The Burntwood School in Wandsworth, South London, was a campus built in 1950. Of the original complex, only the building with a swimming pool and gymnasium and the Assembly Hall have survived.

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