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TPS® – Advanced technology for tomorrow’s market

With energy efficiency in buildings more important than ever the Bystronic glass TPS® spacer provides processors with end products that will satisfy the toughest warm edge demands, increasing the durability of products and reducing energy costs for both commercial and domestic applications.

Since it was originally launched in 1994, TPS® has replaced conventional metal spacers giving IG manufacturers excellent thermal insulation with many significant advantages gained including reduction of heating costs for the end user.

Considered by many to be the most modern and flexible solution for IG manufacturing, the seal can be placed anywhere desired on the IGU, with the application and seamless sealing performed in one single step. The air-tight bevel joint does not require any thermal mechanical reworking and is guaranteed to last irrespective of radii or size of the unit.

The spacer can be varied during production, for each unit in the process cycle if required. Many customers are enjoying the benefits of faster production cycles thanks to the elimination of sawing, bending, desiccant filling and butyl coating.

Looking at the future trends for domestic and commercial projects TPS® offers the industry a market leading solution to take a business to the highest level. As a product it offers cost competitive advantages compared to other alternative spacers on the market.

TPS® adheres immediately to both sides of the glass after being applied and is flexible for all sizes and shapes, providing excellent thermal performance and long unit life.

When customers review business manufacturing methods this system gives them the unique opportunity to introduce real change in a demanding and competitive marketplace. One Bystronic glaascustomer commented

“As climate change, energy efficiency and reducing energy bills comes more into focus, we felt it imperative to adapt production methods accordingly through superior warm edge technology as we consider this is the only way forward.”

Customers state that more clean and efficient production methods have brought about product diversity particularly for the commercial sector. The system provides maximum condensation resistance, durability and energy performance for all sized IG units.

The Bystronic glass team works hard with customers and colleagues to bring about positive culture change to glass processing production lines.

For more information visit www.bystronic-glass.com 

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