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Manko Introduces Diamon-Fusion® Protective Coating to Glass Product Line

Invisible and ultra-thin, Diamon-Fusion® allows Manko to offer their customers easy-to-clean glass products.

Guardian Glass Project: AFI Tech Park

AFI Tech Park is a 70,000 square-metre business campus that comprises of two office buildings and one office tower. Located at the intersection between downtown Bucharest and three major residential districts, the campus is surrounded by green areas and has a central plaza and gardens, underground parking, shops and food outlets. AFI Tech Park is certified LEED Platinum.

Guardian Glass Project: UNCLE – Elephant & Castle

UNCLE Elephant and Castle is a residential property in one of London’s most vibrant and well-connected neighbourhoods. The 37-storey property is one of London’s tallest residential buildings. Breathtaking views can be enjoyed from the 45th floor Sky Lounge, co-working spaces, and on-site gym.

Guardian Glass Europe: Energy-Saving potential of Modern Glazing

In 2030 European buildings would consume nearly 30% less energy if all of them were glazed with high performance glass, according to the latest research commissioned by Glass for Europe.

Insulating glass spacers – all you wanted to know

In an insulating glass unit, spacaers determine the width of the gap between two or more sheets of glass. The primary role of spacers is to provide a fixed gap between the layers of glass.

Climatic Load Design Parameters for the United States

This paper explores the statistical basis and methodology for the derivation of the Munich climatic load parameters, applying it to climate data for each ASHRAE climate zone in the United States.

How Structural Interlayers Work

Traditional uses of glass have been reinvented by two architectural firms, who artfully use glass and interlayers to achieve very different design goals.

Avengers, James Bond and the Tottenham Stadium – Supertuff is super cool

Supertuff and LiSEC have been working together for 20 years now. Supertuff has been active in the glass industry for 20 years now. It all...

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