Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Hornos Pujol Installs a Double Pujol 100 PVB+ at PRL Glass Company

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The American company PRL Glass Company, Los Angeles, USA, works glass by more than 30 years and to this day the company continues with the same vision as the first day: to have the fastest lead times in the industry.

Now in their facilities they installed a double Pujol 100 PVB+ oven increasing their productivity.

Thanks to the double Pujol 100 PVB+, PRL Glass Company not only will increase their production capacity, they will also save costs and gain versatility because the oven allows glass lamination with EVA, PVB, and ionoplastics (SGP) without an autoclave. This technology reduces energy costs by up to 70 percent compared to the autoclave system.

Pujol 100 PVB+ has been developed and designed to avoid fixed costs. The oven also eliminates the expensive -and dangerous- calendering processes and inefficient air conditioning accessories for humidity and temperature control.

With this new installation, Pujol continues its expansion and its international presence. Important glass processors, like PRL Glass Company, take advantage of a reliable, flexible laminated glass manufacturing oven, capable of adapting production to market needs.

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