Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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North Glass receives best in show award in Glass Build America 2019


The 17th GlassBuild America opened at the Georgia World Congress Center on September 17, 2019. In this year’s exhibition, NorthGlass with its subsidiaries Tempering Furnace BU, Shanghai Coating Technology BU, Automation BU and Tianjin Glass Company jointly participate in the exhibition with its American partner HHH Tempering Resource Inc.( hereinafter referred to as HHH).


NorthGlass, as the largest Chinese enterprise, exhibited the Tempered Laminated Curved Glass with a Super-long Arc Length of 8 Meters that brought by Tianjin Glass Company. This is the first time for the Tempered Laminated Curved Glass with a Super-long Arc Length of 8 Meters to be in the United States after exhibited in Europe and China. According to the data of the first day, the number of customers received by NorthGlass booth on the first day is the sum of the three days of last year’s exhibition, “NorthGlass exhibited the Tempered Laminated Curved Glass with a Super-long Arc Length of 8 Meters. ” This information spread all over the exhibition site in an instant, and all the equipment manufacturers, glass exhibitors, even door and window exhibitors and professional visitors were attracted to enjoy this perfect exhibition. At the same time, the NorthGlass booth displayed multi-curved low-e tempered glass and “air cushion glass” (which has been applied to Nike 001 flagship store in Shanghai), all of which caused a sensation.

On the second day of the exhibition, the joint booth of NorthGlass and HHH received a big gift from the organizer NGA — “BEST IN SHOW 2019” award. The NGA said: A panel of industry Judges have selected your booth with the most pleasing, unique and creative booth design in the category of LARGE BOOTH (non-machinery).


On the third day of the exhibition, the popularity of NorthGlass booth is still hot. GlassBuild America 2019 is a shot in the arm for NorthGlass, giving us confidence to make continuous efforts in the North American market. 



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