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Frameless Glass Structure: The Future of Glazing

Eastman and Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering have partnered to develop a new laminated glazing product. This revolutionary product consists of several small glass panes that form a large, complete pane without the use of metal parts or brackets!

7 Safety Tips from the Window Safety Task Force

When it comes to a fire emergency, the Window Safety Task Force in partnership with the National Safety Council reminds everyone that doors and windows are the primary and secondary escape routes. This is an especially important topic this fire season, when those on the West Coast are experiencing higher risk.

Vitro Architectural Glass launches Solarvolt™ BIPV glass modules

For overhead glazing, façades, balconies and sunshading elements, Solarvolt™ building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) modules merge renewable power generation with glass design.

AGI Case Study: 500 Walnut

Elegant glazing - from walls to slabs - clads a residential tower.

Climatic Load Design Parameters for the United States

This paper explores the statistical basis and methodology for the derivation of the Munich climatic load parameters, applying it to climate data for each ASHRAE climate zone in the United States.

The Benefits of Glass for Construction and Hygiene Protection

Glass can be cleaned easily with non-abrasive (and often antibacterial) cleaners, which is another reason why glass has helped us through many unfortunate public health events like epidemics and pandemics.

Architectural Glass Institute : Bird-safely glass – Resources to mitigate bird collisions

According to the American Bird Conservancy (ABC), glass collisions claim the lives of up to a billion birds annually in the U.S.

How Structural Interlayers Work

Traditional uses of glass have been reinvented by two architectural firms, who artfully use glass and interlayers to achieve very different design goals.

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