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Greaney Glass Products ‘Edges’ Ahead With Forel And Promac Group

Leading independent Irish IGU specialist and glass processor, Greaney Glass products, has invested in a new Forel Art EM Vertical Edger and Art VW Vertical Washing Machine, as it gears up for growth in the commercial sector.

With ‘phenomenal’ demand for larger and added-value IGU’s from Irelands booming commercial developers, plus corresponding demand for processed glass products, the two cutting edge platforms form a key element in the Galway glass building products specialist’s own growth strategy.

“The vertical edger is there to give us increased capacity, but also better quality across IGU and processed glass lines, and particularly to meet increasing demand for laminates”, explained Kevin Greaney, Operations Director, Greaney Glass

“We’re seeing growing demand for laminate from domestic but particularly commercial sectors. The Vertical Edger allows us to do a lot of things more effectively but specifically to meet that demand”, he added.

Supplied and installed by Promac Group in May this year with the Forel Art VW Vertical Washing Machine, the Art EM Vertical Edger has been developed by Forel as a highly affordable and infinitely flexible platform for edge processing of float and laminate glass including edge arrissing, rough edge grinding and edge polishing.

This makes it suitable for use with IGU, toughening or grinding and processing lines. Forel’s trademark vertical alignment of the Art EM making the process cleaner compared to horizontally aligned platforms, says the company.

The use of a patented carriageway and suction cups with the capacity to handle weights of up to 200kg/m reduces manual handling and the risk of roller damage and scratches to the glass.

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Self-learning using on-board editor and CAD files the Art EM also automatically checks glass for the correct alignment constantly monitoring and automatically adjusting the speed of the grinding tool to process product to ultra-fine tolerances.

The Forel Art EW washing machine also offers a high degree of flexibility and is suitable for use with all glass types and coatings. Automatically measuring and adjusting for glass thickness and coating type it guarantees the perfect contact between up to eight brushes and the glass. This includes automatic detection of soft-coats.

“It’s a much more affordable platform than other edgers, delivers a high degree of flexibility in its fit with tempering, IGU and processing lines – and ultimately delivers a better quality product from balustrades through to IGUs”, said Promac Group’s Mike Whitlam.

“This includes edge-ground laminates, which significantly reduce the risk of venting and increasingly form a key element in commercial and particularly façade specifications.”

Greaney Glass Products was founded in 1973 by brothers Martin and Willie Greaney. The business was taken over by Martin’s sons, Kevin and Ronnie in 1998, setting the company on a course for increased specialism in commercial IGU and processed glass supply in addition to its trade business.

The investment made by Greaney Glass Products in its new Forel line underpin a dual strategy aimed at driving continual improvement in product quality and growing the company’s glass processing business, which currently accounts for between 10 and 15% of its current turnover.

Managing Director, Ronnie Greaney, said: “The demand that’s being generated in and around Dublin and increasingly regionally by the commercial sector is phenomenal.

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“Processed glass products is increasingly important to us alongside larger and specialist IGUs”, he continued. “Quality is key for both”.

“All of our larger laminate units are edge-ground, reducing the risk of venting and delivering a better quality of product. The Art EM is also giving us better edge quality, reducing wastage in our toughening lines. It’s a very flexible platform and is a key part of our strategy for future growth.”

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