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TUROMAS and The Perfect Cut

TUROMAS is the only glass cutting tables manufacturer that guarantees a perfect cut on any thickness, including 25mm.

The perfect cut is obtained when a 90 º angle is formed between the surface and the glass profile, but for many years this angle has been impossible to achieve with the options offered on the market.  

To achieve this, it was necessary to use an edger to eliminate the excess measurement previously assigned during the cutting process, as it was assumed that the perfect finish was obtained during the subsequent processes and not during this cutting process.

This solution was costly and inefficient in terms of productivity.

Due to the characteristics of the glass manufacturing process, the outer parts cool down quicker than the inner core.

These differences make the glass resemble a set of layers, where there are two outer layers, each one being 20% of the thickness of the glass, and a central layer, where 60% of the remaining thickness is found, with different characteristics.

At Turomas, our experience of more than 34 years in flat glass cutting has taught us that, to achieve perfection it is necessary that microcracks of at least 10% of the thickness of the glass are made during the cutting process, achieving that 90º angle we mentioned at the beginning of the article. 

Also, if 20% of the thickness is achieved, we will get what we call here at Turomas, an open-cut, which means that once the glass is scratched it just opens, without needing to cut it, with perfect quality.

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To achieve the perfect cut, you need to optimise the four most important parameters that influence glass cutting, which are: lubrication, the angle and diameter of the roller, speed and the pressure exerted on the glass.

These parameters are not difficult to adjust individually.

The real complexity lies in the correct application of them all simultaneously.

For example, in the past the optimal angle and diameter of the roller was achieved by changing it manually as required for each specific thickness of glass.

This changed permanently in 2008 when Turomas developed and patented the 4tool technology, pioneering the perfect glass cut on any thickness. 

This revolutionary technology not only automatically detects the thickness of the glass and adapts the tool for each specific glass, completely eradicating manual roller changes, but it also integrates four individual automatic cutting tools, each one with its own cutting roller, an independent lubrication system and pressure cylinder specifically measured for its cutting range.

With these different tools, we achieve a perfect cut on any glass thickness, including 25mm. 

The first tool is used to cut glass from only 0.55mm to 2mm in thickness.

The second and third tools are used for glass between 2 and 12mm in thickness, which are the more common thicknesses.

The fourth tool also uses a roller with a larger diameter to obtain an exceptional cutting quality on thicknesses of 12, 15, 19 and 25mm.

With this technology, Turomas has become the only manufacturer of machinery for the flat glass industry to achieve a perfect cut automatically on any thickness, thus managing to transfer the perfection to the cut.

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