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North Glass: Creates “New” Legend in Fenestration Bau China 2019

The four-day Fenestration BAU China (refer to as: FBC) concludes on November 8, 2019 in Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong New District).

With a history of 16 years, FENESTRATION BAU China is dedicated to integrate the innovative products, technology, solutions and business cooperation models in the fenestration industry, boosting the development and technical innovation of industrial enterprises. It is the largest-scale and highest-end exhibition and trading platform in the fenestration industry.

FENESTRATION BAU China has gathered more than 730 most representative brands from home and abroad, attracted nearly 101,000 professional visitors from 68 countries and regions, and covered target groups from door and window factories, distribution agents, engineering construction units, architectural designers and planners and real estate enterprises.

As a leader in the glass deep processing industry, NorthGlass is is dedicated to provide the innovative products, technology and solutions in the curtain wall glass industry, boosting the development and technical innovation of industrial.

At the exhibition site, NorthGlass with its subsidiaries Tianjin Glass Company, Shanghai Glass Company, Luoyang Glass Company, and participating stock company Luoyang NorthGlass SiNest New Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: NorthGlass SiNest) made a brilliant appearance, showed the customers the insulating energy-saving glass with metal sunshade net applied in Beijing Daxing International Airport which has been collected by the National Museum of China, the “air cushion glass” applied to Nike 001 Flagship Store in Shanghai, as well as the classic glass rib and big view super performance sunshine room glass, providing the new fabricated NorthGlass SiNest unit curtain wall and solutions, which is an eye-opener for developers, curtain wall companies and architects.

North Glass Exhibits

Daylighting Glass of Beijing Daxing International Airport (collected by the National Museum of China)
NorthGlass Fenestration BAU China
“Air Cushion Glass” Applied to Nike 001 Flagship Store In Shanghai
NorthGlass Fenestration BAU China
Classic Glass Rib
NorthGlass Fenestration BAU China
Double Glass Four-Cavity Heat Mirror Insulating Glass
SiNest Board
SiNest Unit Curtain Wall

During the exhibition, NorthGlass welcomed a wave of important guests: President of China Construction Metal Structure Association Hao Jiping, vice President and secretary general of China Construction Metal Structure Association Song Weimin, President of China Construction Metal Structure Association Fenestration Branch Dong Hong, Executive Vice President of China Building Ceramic & Sanitaryware Association Lv Qin, Deputy Director of Architectural Society of China Curtain Wall Specialized Committee Luo Yi, Deputy Secretary-General of The Architecture Society of Shanghai China Lv Yafan, Director of The Architecture Society of Shanghai China Curtain Wall Specialized Committee Chen Jun, Director of China Academy of Building Research Curtain Design Center Sun Zhou, Suzhou Construction Metal Structure Association, Guizhou Association Of Building Decoration Materials , Doors And Windows And Curtain Wall, CTO Club, Architect Group, China Construction Eighth Engineering Division. Corp. Ltd, Chengdu Real Estate Broker Trade Association, etc. visited NorthGlass’ booth.

At the same time, NorthGlass exhibition booth also attracted many architectural designers, curtain wall designers to consult and negotiate, and the products of NorthGlass have been unanimously praised.

In this exhibition, the disruptive curtain wall products — SiNest board and SiNest unit curtain wall, which took 6 years to build, were shown for the first time. SiNest board and SiNest Unit Curtain Wall is a brand new technical system created by NorthGlass SiNest. The new material of “SiNest” is based on silicon and looks like honeycomb, so it is named “SiNest”. 

The raw materials are from tailings and other waste and made by high temperature foaming. This new material has the advantages of high quality wall material: light weight and high strength, fire resistance and heat preservation, hydrophobic and moisture-proof, sound absorption and sound insulation, stability and durability, decoration as a whole. At the beginning of the exhibition, there was a huge crowd of people on site.

Customers from upstream and downstream of the construction industry chain came to consult and negotiate, and the SiNest publicity materials were all distributed within two days. In the process of continuous communication, the sales and technical staff of NorthGlass SiNest also got a lot of new inspirations, which expanded the application prospect of SiNest products.

At the same time of the exhibition on November 6, 2019, NorthGlass and NorthGlass SiNest jointly held a grand new product release conference in the exhibition center. The appearance of “SiNest” will make a great contribution to the industrialization transformation of high-quality green building materials and construction.

Gao Li, President of NorthGlass, gave a speech of welcome in the NorthGlass SiNest release conference 
Gao Xueming, Chairman of NorthGlass and NorthGlass SiNest, introduced the technological innovation achievements of SiNest
Jiang Wei, General Manager of NorthGlass SiNest, answered the questions concerned by everyone
Luo Yi, Luo Yi, Deputy Director of Architectural Society of China Curtain Wall Specialized Committee and the leader of the expert group, delivered a keynote speech on “applicability of SiNest materials in curtain wall”
Chen Jun, Director of The Architecture Society of Shanghai China Curtain Wall Specialized Committee, delivered a speech

Ms. Su Baolian, Consultant of The Architecture Society of Shanghai China Curtain Wall Specialized Committee, delivered a speech and composed an impromptu poem for NorthGlass SiNest:

Mountains are high and seas are deep, the road is far away.

Science and technology battle out of sheath

Who dares to gallop ahead with sword drawn?

Only we NortGlass SiNest!

The new product conference of NorthGlass SiNest is full of people
Congratulations on the successful launch of NorthGlass SiNest products

Fenestration Bau China 2019, NorthGlass demonstrats the strength of China’s manufacturing by innovative products, perfect services, not only this, Northglass comprehensively shows application of the curtain wall products, industrial innovation, brand value and other core competitiveness. NorthGlass will continue to create new products and new values for customers with its inexhaustible innovative power and wisdom source.

NorthGlass booth is full of guests
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