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HORN® To Rebuild Furnace For Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation

HORN® to rebuild furnace for Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation

Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation is the leading and largest tobacco and liquor company in Taiwan. The company has started construction of a new furnace in Taiwan.

In April HORN® received the order for a rebuild of Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation’s Furnace No. 4. The existing furnace will be demolished is being replaced with a 150 t/d furnace in its place. The 57 m² end fired furnace with two forehearths is designed in appliance with the most advanced technology to produce flint, green and amber glass and is supplied by HORN® Glass Industries.

The HORN® design guarantees an optimum of glass pull rate in respect of energy consumption, glass quality and stable conditions. HORN®’s scope of supply includes the Combustion System, Engineering of furnace refractories and steel structure, supervision and heat-up.

Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation
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