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LandGlass is named the ”Pilot Industry Enterprise” for the use of intellectual property

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of pilot industry enterprises for the use of intellectual property. LandGlass was successfully chosen and ranked high among the eighty-three pilot enterprises in Henan Province.  The selection is a high recognition to a company’s achievements in intellectual properties and a reaffirmation that the company has made new breakthroughs in the building of its capacity in the use of intellectual property rights. 

In order to further implement the national strategy in intellectual property and enhance the ability of industrial enterprises in intellectual property application, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized the pilot programs for the use of intellectual properties in industrial enterprises according to the requirements stipulated in the “Intellectual Property Action Plan for the Manufacturing Industries (2018-2020)”. Before finalizing the list of pilot industry enterprises for the use of intellectual property, it has to go through the process of enterprise nomination, local authority and industry recommendation, review and final approval. The aim is to help enterprises to implement in depth the IP strategy and enhance the ability of industrial enterprises to use intellectual property rights. LandGlass has always attached great importance to the product and technology innovation as well as the protection to intellectual property. It has continuously invested in technological innovation, independent research and development of the flat and bent bi-directional convection technology, forced convection heating technology, and vortex heating technology for glass tempering furnace, led the industry technological advances as always, and won the national gold patent award twice. Through ten years of R&D efforts, LandVac made by LandGlass has become the world’s first commercialized tempered vacuum insulated glass. By adopting the unique low temperature, flexible and lead-free sealing technology, it offers outstanding performance in thermal insulation and noise isolation, and has taken the energy saving glass to a new level. 

The company has always considered intellectual property as a key link to build its core competitiveness to strengthen the overall capacities of creation, application, protection, and management of intellectual properties. It has taken the lead through the national intellectual property system certification and won the “Henan Province Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise”, “Henan Province Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise”, “National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise”, and “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise” awards. In 2018, the company was named as one of the “China’s Top 1000 Innovative Enterprises”. 

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