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Forel: Expands its sales network with new representatives

Forel: new representatives join the sales network

2019 has been an important year for the consolidation of Forel’s sales network 28 January 2020

With regard to sales, the results for the year were higher than expected, and demonstrated a growth when compared with the figures for 2018; beyond this, a number of partnerships have been established with commercial agencies around the world, with a view to ensuring that Forel‘s presence within the countries in which it works is even more incisive.

In Brazil, Forel’s partnership with Genilson Muniz’s company Muniz Representações began this year. Brazil is emerging from a complex period, during which the economic acceleration that brought the Country to the attention of the world a few years ago is now starting to slow down: this dynamic economy must now find a new way to compete. As the biggest producer of flat glass in South America, Brazil is a market with good prospects for Forel products: for this reason, the decision was made to seek the guidance of a professional company within the glass sector with firm roots in the territory, in order to get closer to Brazilian customers.

The need for high quality glass which offers excellent insulating performance is particularly prevalent in the Middle East, above all in the markets of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. In this region, which is extremely promising both in economic terms and from a manufacturing perspective, there are a number of key Forel plants already in operation. As of this year, the reference point for glass-making companies with an interest in Forel technology will be the company HIET, based in Dubai.

In South-East Asia, specifically in Thailand, one of the markets of main interest in the whole area, considering its positive economic indices and its strategic position, Forel has entered into a new collaboration of local representation with the company Motech Machinery Service Co. Ltd.

In India, meanwhile, the growth trend is showing no signs of slowing: the economic development that the Indian nation is currently experiencing is also affecting the glass market, which has seen a significant increase in demand for flat glass, both for residential and commercial use. From this year onwards, Forel solutions will be represented in India by Thorngate Sales Corp, a highly organised company that will be capable of fully communicating the cutting-edge technology that Forel offers.

“Forel machines are in operation all over the world” said Fortunato Vianello, CEO of Forel. “This widespread presence is the result of three factors, which are recognised at global level: superior ingenuity, established reputation and customer loyalty over time, through the service and support we offer. The need to further strengthen our hold on the most strategic markets has also led us to bring new employees into our sales network. This brings the number of companies that support Forel in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania to 25, but we are already planning to expand the team even further.”

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