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Mappi: How to be a leader in Canadian glass industry? Discover the recipe of Lepage and Mappi

Mappi Glass Tempering Furnace Canada Vitrerie Lepage

There are moments that represent a turning point in the life of companies: for Vitrerie Lepage, one of the most important glassworks in Canadian Quebec, born in 1963, this time was 10 years ago, when they decided to equip themselves with a glass tempering furnace.

That furnace was a Mappi Fox, which is still the beating heart around which all the production activity of the Lepage glassworks moves, that furnace was really the starting point for a qualitative leap. 

We talked about it with Bernard Lepage, who has always been at the helm of Vitrerie Lepage “This machine produce a really high quality tempered glass from 3.3mm to 19 mm without distortion. And i’m almost sure it is the only machine that can produce really small glasses without a tray to keep pieces. The energy consumption is ridiculously low and the power installation to connect it is also really low. Maintenance is minimal and easy to do, the reliability of machine is exceptional.” Indeed Mappi says of his Fox series furnaces: small in size, big in results.

In all this there is an element that can never be lacking: customer satisfaction, which must be constantly monitored. We hear Lepage’s opinion on his most recent installation. “Recently we increased the size of the building, we wanted one more tempering furnace, a bigger one for bigger parts. We choose Mappi again, for two principal reasons: 1) the power installation required, Mappi was alone to respect the capacity that we wanted to install; 2) the space required on the ground: Mappi designed and built to fit perfectly with the space we wanted to use. Perfectly!!! All the quality of the small one is also on the big one. The big one runs perfectly and never we got a shot down. If I have to buy a third one, I will buy a Mappi!”

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The testimony of Bernard Lepage confirms once again that the Mappi tempering ovens are the best solution both for what it wants to grow and for those who, once grown, want to continue to remain great by offering quality without compromise, and without forgetting the attention to energy consumption and reliability. 

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