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Glass Art in the Context of Architecture

In the heart of London „22 Bishopsgate“ soars 278 meters into the sky. Consist of 149 laminates in total, colorfully designed by Alexander Beleschenko.

UK Government spearheads £54m Investment to Revive Merseyside’s Historic Glass Industry

The Liverpool City Region will benefit from £54 million investment to revitalise its glass industry and support the region’s economic recovery.

Tvitec has Possibly Manufactured the World’s Most Luxurious Glass

The newest line engraves precious metals, as gold, on the glass surface through the use of the most sophisticated serigraphy technology in both flat and curved glass.

WAPRO Invests in New LineScanner Technology

The LineScanner recently installed at the insulating glass factory, WAPRO, in Diedorf, Germany utilizes the latest in LineScanner technology. At the inspection station located after the washing machine, the SOFTSOLUTION LineScanner has inspected every single lite since the start-up.

LiSEC LONGLIFE: How older systems can deliver optimum edging quality

The new LiSEC glass edge deletion machines are equipped with improved sensor technology. This measures with greater precision and therefore guarantees constantly high finishing quality of the glass edges.

Glastory: Important Service Factors in Glass Lamination

Some practical tips on how you can well maintain your laminating line and extend its longevity.

Glass Processing With Digital Technology Assistance – All You Need To Know

Few materials in human history have been made for as long or used in as many ways as glass. Ancient peoples molded it and poured it; later cultures discovered how to spin and blow glass into unique, dazzling shapes.

Edge Strength of Core Drilled and Waterjet Cut Holes in Architectural Glass

Traditionally, the hole in the glass pane is manufactured by core drilling and conical edge finishing. An alternative method is by waterjet cutting the holes, resulting in cylindrically shaped holes.

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