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TUROMAS: An entire life committed to technical support services

Turomas Glass Cutting Service

Training the team is essential and a priority for companies that offer high-technology machinery.

Certifications that endorse the skills, knowledge and abilities required to handle the equipment are a guarantee of quality.

The growth and expansion that has completely transformed TUROMAS and made it a benchmark in the flat glass industry at an international level, requires dimensioning the technical structure both internally and externally to continue offering a quality After-sales service.

For this reason, within its factory in Spain, in 2018 TUROMAS organised a division to define the study programmes and to develop systems for certifying and updating specific skills for installing and maintaining any of its machines.

After-sales service has been and continues to be one of the keys to TUROMAS’ success. Having certified professionals among its authorised distributors of smart warehouses and glass cutting tables demonstrates TUROMAS’ commitment to ongoing improvement in the processes, machinery and service it provides to the glass sector.

The sales process does not end with the purchase and installation of a machine. Before, during and after the start-up, TUROMAS is fully committed to accompanying and helping each buyer. It is something that it has committed to since the first contact: trust to obtain a close relationship.

Spanish and Portuguese TUROMAS technicians, all certified

In spite of its international projection, TUROMAS commits to continue improving and remain the leading company in its main market (Iberian Peninsula). To be commercial delegate of TUROMAS in Spain and Portugal demands to be prepared to give not only a commercial advice, but a differentiating technical After-sales service.

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Therefore, during the last year, TUROMAS has technically trained and certified each and every one of its commercial partners in the Iberian Peninsula: Tecnicglass Solutions, S.L., Satecris, S.L., Adetec, S.L., Glasstek Suministros, S.L and JLE–J. Lemos Esteves, Lda.

Customers from the north, south, east and centre of Spain and Portugal therefore have a closer after-sales service at their disposal and are able to receive faster service and more efficient and direct support in the event of any problem complying with the high quality standards of TUROMAS.

In addition to assembly, maintenance or repairs, users from anywhere in Spain and Portugal can receive advice when purchasing all types of spare parts and consumables for their equipment.

Turomas Glass Cutting Service

Opinions of the sales offices

Josep Maria Fort, Sales Representative for the Catalonia Zone, Carlos Fernández, Sales Representative for the Central Zone, Francisco Delgado, Sales Representative for the Southern Zone, Jose Luis Gandara, Sales Representative for the Northern Zone and Joao Lemos, Sales Representative for Portugal, give us their opinion.

Turomas Service Tecnicglass Logo

(…) The one that comes out with the biggest advantage is the customer. The continuous training of the technical service and the day-to-day experience make it the visible face of the TUROMAS team which, physically or by telephone, solves problems and reinforces trust with our customers.

Josep Maria Fort


Turomas Service Tecnicglass
Turomas Service Tecnicglass
Turomas Service Satecris Logo

By having a certified network at national level, the unification of installation and maintenance criteria ensures that the machines work in line with the required quality. All this contributes to an excellent finish in the cutting and handling of the glass, making our customers’ daily work easier.

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Carlos Fernández


Turomas Service Satecris
Turomas Service Satecris
Turomas Service Adetek Logo

Certified technical training is an excellent idea. We think that it is an essential tool which gives us greater ability to serve our customers. This is a significant step forward at the after-sales level, and it gives us flexibility and a much faster reaction time; the quicker the solution to any incident, the greater the customer’s satisfaction.

Francisco Delgado


Turomas Service Adetec
Turomas Service Adetec
Turomas Service Glasstek Logo
Turomas Service Glasstek
Turomas Service JLE Logo

The technical training days are extremely important as they allow us to tackle the difficulties and problems that may arise with the equipment. They enable us to act quickly and safely, meeting the needs of our customers.

Joao Lemos


Turomas Service JLE
Turomas Service JLE

The levels of TUROMAS technical certification

Depending on the degree of complexity and specialisation, there are several steps of learning that cover from the basic principles of glass cutting up to advanced knowledge in mechanics, electricity and software.

The contents of the Standard Level are aimed at mastering the installation of basic and medium-range machinery and the performance of official maintenance.

The following levels are aimed at controlling the installation of the entire range of TUROMAS machinery, performing very complex adjustments and repairs and controlling programming parameters.

The certification process is based on intensive, in-person training over several days that combines theory and practice. In order to obtain the qualification, the technicians have to complete all the training days and pass the assessments by TUROMAS specialists.

TUROMAS often carries out reviews to ensure that distributors meet the standards relating to service levels, technician certification and the availability of services to customers at all times.

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Buying a glass cutting table, loader or automatic warehouse from TUROMAS is a commitment to quality before, during and after the purchase. All the technicians in the team are trained and certified to give the best professional service to the customer.

Turomas Glass Cutting Service

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