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R.C.N Solutions strenghens its presence in the Mediterranean area

RCN Solutions is ready to ship one laminating machine, Smart XXL Double, complete with one preparation table and one EVA-holder to Algeria for an important group.

R.C.N Solutions strenghens its presence in the Mediterranean area

Specialized in glass and stainless steel balustrades, serving different projects, including residentials, shopping malls and airports, this group intends to ehnace and diversify its production by adding a new, specialized production line.

Although small in size, 3200x2200mm, this two-shelf kiln combines all the best RCN construction features and can satisfy most of the demands for exterior and interior safety glass.

The customer has already received orders for several square meters of balustrades to which they will add new laminating decorative proposals.

The order also includes a supply of REVA BF, the RCN laminating interlayer, for a full laminating solution.

Thanks to this business, RCN stregthens its presence into the Mediterranean area promoting quality and made in Italy, always greatly appreciated by foreign companies.

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