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Glaston celebrates the International Year of Glass 2022

To acknowledge the essential role glass has and continues to have in society, the General Assembly of the United Nations has designated the year 2022 as the International Year of Glass (IYOG 2022).

Glaston celebrates the International Year of Glass 2022

Glaston – a member of the International Commission on Glass (ICG), the organization behind the IYOG 2022 initiative – will highlight the United Nations’ International Year of Glass in its communications throughout 2022.

Glass has been key to a wide range of scientific advancements because of its exceptional multifunctionality. Glass artifacts have provided a firm basis for the development of modern science – from astronomy to biology, from basic lamps to lenses for lighthouses, and from valves to optical fibers in communications and electronics. In architecture, glass has been used ever since Roman times.

“Throughout the centuries, glass has played an important role in society. Glaston, a frontrunner in the glass industry, has been involved for decades in developing the industry, within ICG as well as by organizing the industry-leading Glass Performance Days (GPD) conferences,” says Marko Mökkönen, Director, Industry and stakeholder relations at Glaston Corporation. 

Now as our world faces increasing environmental pressures, advanced glass products are playing a central role in combating climate change. Glass is one of the most recyclable materials available and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions in many ways. Glaston is a leading company developing and selling advanced technology to produce insulating glass units for energy saving in buildings.

The glass industry has actively developed different types of glass, such as those with energy-saving coatings, that can be effectively used to optimize heating and cooling needs in buildings to further reduce energy consumption.

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“At Glaston, we see sustainability as a business opportunity. The urgency to mitigate climate change is leading to increased demand for insulating glass and to rapid development in smart glass, ultra-thin glass and glass used in solar energy solutions. Energy-efficient buildings have a key role in combating climate change. Energy-efficient modern double- or triple-glazed insulating glass units and coated, low-emissivity safety glass processed with Glaston’s technologies are key enablers for meeting the sustainability requirements of buildings,” says Päivi Lindqvist, CFO at Glaston Corporation and leader of the Glaston-wide strategic cornerstone initiative that focuses on elevating sustainability and continuous improvement.

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