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Guardian Glass: CiSGA Innovation Center

CiSGA Innovation Center

CiSGA Innovation Center was designed by Luis Castillo, the Center of Innovation of Advanced Managed Services (CISGA) building in the Science and Technology Park in Cantabria, Santander,

CiSGA Innovation Center is an innovative, energy efficient building whose image reflects the philosophy of the company – a prismatic structure with four black facades, which were created using an aluminium curtain wall structure and Guardian SunGuard Solar Grey 20 solar control glass.

Guardian Glass Cisgo Innovation Center

The exterior image of the CiSGA Innovation Center is a black glass cube that looks like a “Rubik’s Cube®”.  The design and concept of the façade defines the aesthetic value of the building. Not only does it have to fulfill artistic aspects, but also technical performance requirements such as comfort, energy saving, safety and structural stability. The curtain walls fulfill all these requirements, including its undeniable decorative value, transferring personality to the building and an image of modernity and innovation.

Guardian Glass Cisgo Innovation Center
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