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The Tallest and Heaviest Sliding Glass Door: A Case Study

Minimalist windows explore the potential of structural glass to provide large sliding glass doors with extremely thin doorframes.

Climatic Load Design Parameters for the United States

This paper explores the statistical basis and methodology for the derivation of the Munich climatic load parameters, applying it to climate data for each ASHRAE climate zone in the United States.

Thermal Radiation and Forced Convection in Flat Glass Tempering Furnaces

In this paper, the basics of the heat flux modes are given, a solution method for the glass energy equation is introduced, and some tempering furnaces are theoretically studied to show the portions of the heat transfer phenomena inside furnaces during heating.

Seismic Testing Results of a Decorative Glass Wall Mounting System

Decorative glass is limitless in design, colors, patterns, textures, and offers aesthetic brilliance in countless interior applications.

Adhesives for Blast Scenarios – Extreme Conditions for Structural Sealant Glazing

In this paper the mechanical and application properties of Sikaflex®-268, a high performance polyurethane adhesive are presented and compared to Sikasil® SG-500, a typical silicone adhesive used for structural glazing applications in facades.

Modelling Laminated Glass based on Multi-layer Interlayers

Time-temperature superposition principle is widely used to generate interlayer modulus properties in the form of mastercurves for use in glass design.

Why is SentryGlass more difficult to laminate than normal PVB?

SentryGlass is more difficult to laminate in many aspects than standard PVB. SentryGlass has been designed to give structural strength to the laminate.

Glastory: Important Service Factors in Glass Lamination

Some practical tips on how you can well maintain your laminating line and extend its longevity.

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