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Glas Trösch: Cineplex Baden-Baden

Comfortable cinemas, modern 4k projectors, 3D projection and best surround sound. Experience cinema in a new dimension. This is the Cineplex in Baden-Baden, Germany.

The modern building at the western entrance to Baden-Baden also has an integrated multi-storey car park from which you can directly access the cinema. With 8 halls and approx. 1300 seats, it ranks in the category of medium-sized multiplex cinemas.

Glaströsch Cineplex Baden

The 1900 m² of installed glass elements lend the seemingly powerful Cineplex a casual lightness. Large 3-fold insulating glass panes provide fantastic views over the Baden-Oos district from the Sky Lounge with cocktails, drinks or coffee and cake.

The excellent light transmission, the low g-value and the very good u-value contribute to the feel-good atmosphere inside throughout the year. This is ensured by the SILVERSTAR COMBI Neutral 70/35 solar protection coating built into the insulating glass and the SILVERSTAR EN2plus thermal insulation coating.

Glaströsch Cineplex Baden

The laminated safety glass integrated in the insulating glass fulfils an active safety requirement. In the event of breakage, it prevents objects or persons from falling through to the outside. This guarantees residual load-bearing capacity.

Glaströsch Cineplex Baden

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