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Lisec participates in CERICOM

Through participation in CERICOM – formerly Cerion Laser GmbH, the specialist for the laser processing of glass – LiSEC is expanding its competence in offering innovative solutions for the processing of flat glass and technical glass lites sheets by means of laser.

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The laser activities of the LiSEC Group are concentrated within Lascom Laser GmbH, with a focus to date on the laser processing of hollow glass. Lascom Laser GmbH has now taken over the insolvent Cerion Laser GmbH for strategic reasons, and will continue to run the business within the framework of the successor company CERICOM GmbH, based in Minden. With the successor company CERICOM (Lascom Laser GmbH 74%, Lisec Holding GmbH 26%), the LiSEC Group now has also access to the consolidated innovative power of laser processing in the area of flat glass and technical glass lites sheets. In the future, developments in the laser sector will be driven forwards on a common basis, in order to offer innovative and practical solutions in glass processing to glass processors around the world.

CERICOM is a pioneer and specialist in technologies for the laser processing of glass. The company has been developing laser machines since 2002, and can therefore offer highly specialised solutions for the internal engraving, marking, drilling and cutting, as well as matting, edge deletion and structuring of all types of glass coatings.

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