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Fenzi, Alu Pro and Rolltech technology at GlassBuild America 2019

At GlassBuild America 2019, the Fenzi Group will introduce its most complete set of products for the American market – an array of cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the glass industry’s most specialized needs in the area of sealants and warm edge spacers for high-performance insulating glass, decorative paints for all kinds of applications, and paints and chemical solutions for all types of mirror production.


Front and center are the sealants – constantly evolving, top-of-the-line products for Fenzi North America, the Group’s American branch. These include Hotver A+, the latest, most cutting-edge one-part hot melt sealant in the Fenzi product line. Hotver A+ optimizes loss of gas from IG units, ensuring perfect adhesion, even in the smallest spaces, and is ideal for the production of high-performance energy-saving windows. Hotver A+ works seamlessly with Alu Pro and Rolltech warm edge profiles and a vast array of other highly innovative products that expand an IG unit’s thermal performance.
Another show-stopper will certainly be Sealver AR, made by the Fenzi North America labs and launched last year on the North American market, to an immediate, positive response. This innovative two-part silicone sealant for insulating glass delivers excellent durability and an extremely low rate of vapor and gas transmission, and is especially easy to apply.

Also a must-see at GlassBuild America 2019 are the many facets of the Luxver mirror silvering line, a family of high-quality products that covers the entire mirror-manufacturing process. Engineered to meet the highest safety standards, it is easy and ready to use and comes in all versions, including copper-free. The Luxver line combines perfectly with Duralux, the Fenzi range of mirror-backing paints most widely used in the world.

Among the many Fenzi products popular in North America thus far in 2019 are the Aquaglass NG.Xpaints. A new generation of eco-friendly enhanced-performance paints, their innovative formulation once again proves Aquaglass is ideal in the production of decorated glass for interior decor in homes, offices and shops. Glass decoration experts can find out more about its unique properties at the Atlanta show.

GlassBuild America 2019 – Fenzi Group booth #1051



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