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Another Succesful Year for the HEGLA Group

Another Succesful Year for the HEGLA Group

The HEGLA group has seen many developments launched throughout 2019 with a drive to improve customer efficiency being the main focus.

Demand for products in the HEGLA range has continued to grow this year particularly across the UK, with industry accreditation and satisfied customers substantiating the claims of engineering excellence that the company provides.

As the industry moves into 2020 there will be further changes introduced alongside new innovations that will support HEGLA customers moving forward.

Constantly evaluating market direction keeps HEGLA customers at the forefront of the sector, with new innovations introduced to give them a leading edge. Next year will be no different as the company gears up for further growth.

With the addition of Tai Fin to the HEGLA portfolio this will complement the existing range and create greater potential for customers with machines, systems and furnaces that can achieve the highest precision and quality in glass production. For example, the CTF furnaces provide precise heating control for different glass sizes and thickness. Consequently, a maximum even temperature distribution is gained with minimal operator intervention.

This is just one aspect of HEGLA’s contribution to improve business performance across the sector. There is a commitment through training, service and support, which is all geared to help customers survive in a changeable market.

Through modern software solutions from HEGLA-HANIC customers can simplify production control, while laser-assisted glass finishing and marking from HEGLA boraident GmbH & Co. provide excellent technical advantages.

The company recognises that strength lies in a strong team and one of the signature developments is consistent employee evaluation and training support.

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Bernhard Hoetger, COO, HEGLA group comments, “New business developments in automation have been very successful throughout 2019 for HEGLA.   The company is unified as an organisation and ready for new strategies with greater scope for 2020.

We place customer needs as paramount and helping them to gain greater potential by streamlining production methods will provide them with greater quality and more success all round.”

Looking further ahead, the HEGLA team recognises that customers need to invest in future production methods and technology. Analysing emerging trends and creating discussion with customers enables the company to develop successful systems for an evolving market.

Steve Goble, Managing Director HEGLA UK Ltd, comments, “Customers are actively adapting their business models to gain advantages. With the new Tai Fin brand of furnaces now available from HEGLA, the company is well positioned to support customers with greater options.

As 2020 begins our main goal will be to give our customers clear advantages with tailored solutions that will improve their business potential.”

HEGLA provides a resource for customers to expand their own capabilities that will support for their own target markets. For more information on the complete HEGLA range please call 01908 291 633.

Everyone at HEGLA would like to wish customers a very prosperous New Year.

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