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The newly created business park in Langenthal features insulating glass from Glas Trösch

86 metres long, 40 metres wide and 18 metres high – these are the dimensions of the newly created business park with hotel complex and integrated vehicle museum in Langenthal.

Langenthal Glaströsch

The 85 stylishly and elegantly furnished rooms extend over four floors. The plane 1000 m² triple insulating panes with the thermal insulation coating SILVERSTAR EN2plus combined with the solar protection coating SILVERSTAR SELEKT 74/42 create a comfortable indoor climate in the hotel rooms.

Langenthal Glaströsch

The g-value of only 36 % prevents excessive heating of the interior during the summer months. At the same time, there is a U-value of 0.6 W/m²K, which keeps the heat inside the room in cold seasons and thus noticeably reduces heating costs.

Langenthal Glaströsch

Not only the integrated vehicle museum with beautiful rarities and vintage cars should be protected in the event of a fire. Escape routes and partitions will also be efficiently protected from heat and smoke with FIRESWISS FOAM fire-resistant glass.

The fire-resistant glazing FIRESWISS FOAM 30-15 and FIRESWISS FOAM 30-19 additionally fulfil the requirements for personal protection according to SIGAB 002. Furthermore, the FIRESWISS FOAM 30-19 has laminated safety glass on one side. It therefore has a fall-resistant effect and at the same time offers UV protection.

Langenthal Glaströsch

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