Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Pujol launches new EVA Leakage Control System

EVA Leakage Control System is a Pujol innovation included in the continuous excellence program.

Pujol is always in the search of intelligent solutions for the improvement of its ovens, in order to obtain the best quality laminated glass.

Pujol Evalam Laminated Glass

The new and exclusive system developed by the company bases its technology on an automatic and variable adjustment of the vacuum pressure, this guarantees the different and demanding states of pressure inside the bags.

The result is a clean glass, without distortions or excesses of EVA at the edges that can dazzle the final finish.

A reduction of up to 25 percent in costs
The new system doesn’t require tapping of glass, nor human or technical resources in the long and laborious process of cleaning edges. It is estimated a 25 percent in cost reduction in the production costs, but the delivery times of laminated glass are also reduced.

Thanks to all this, companies with the EVA Leakage Control System in their ovens can be much more competitive compared to other companies in the market not using this system.


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