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FORGLASS partners with CelSian on mathematical modelling

FORGLASS Sp. z o.o. has partnered with the Dutch company CelSian Glass & Solar BV

The glass melting technology provider from Poland, FORGLASS Sp. z o.o., has partnered with the Dutch company CelSian Glass & Solar BV to provide their GTM-x software for computer modelling studies of FORGLASS’ furnace designs.

Forglass glass melting furnace

After a thorough assessment, FORGLASS chose CelSian because of the many possibilities of cooperation the company offers. CelSian’s glass melting expertise and laboratory work were also important factors in the decision.

It is clear that CelSian has been investing heavily in the GTM-x software, adding many advanced features, as well as a more friendly user interface.

The glass industry is presently facing significant challenges with respect to emissions and energy consumption, by using the GTM-X mathematical modelling software, FORGLASS can provide better solutions to those challenges, while enhancing product quality and furnace lifespan.

Both companies look forward to working together on projects that will improve their clients’ operations, while supporting the glass industry’s quest to better efficiency and ecology.

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