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LandGlass: Together, we can fight against the Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic and win

LandGlass has returned to normal production and operation

Landglass Glass Tempering Furnace China

The pandemic continues to surge worldwide, while countries struggle to put a brake on the widespread of the coronavirus by shutting down cities and keeping social distance between people, some of installation engineers from LandGlass are still working hard to help customers with the support they need. Equipped with personal protective gears, they continue to perform installation, after-sales service, and training, doing their part in the effort to resume work.

LandGlass’ well-organized production site

As the situation in China continues improving, LandGlass has returned to normal production and operation. Domestic sales personnel actively reach out to customers to learn their needs and provide them with customized solutions; the live webcasting helps those who cannot physically travel under current circumstances to virtually visit the factory and get to know of the product.

This campaign attracted hundreds of viewers online and consultation requests. Many new and existing customers are discussing for further cooperation and additional purchase orders.

LandVac units to be shipped to customers all over the world

These measures have received positive market feedbacks: currently, LandGlass has accumulated dozens of purchase orders on both domestic and overseas markets. Some have been successfully delivered, installed, and put into production, making steady progress in the face of adversity; the LandVac automated production lines are also running at full capacity to produce high quality vacuum insulated glass for customers from Shanghai, Guangzhou, and other places; in addition, to meet the growing demand the company is also thinking about expanding the production capacity of LandVac.Globalization has made us a community with a shared future, leaving no one immune to major events such as the outbreak of pandemic. We are all on the same side against a common enemy. Together, we can fight the battle and will win this war.

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