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Guardian Glass Project: Evolution Tower

Guardian SunGuard HP Neutral solar control glass was chosen for Evolution Tower for its combination of aesthetic qualities and performance.

Guardian Glass Project: Evolution Tower

Designed by RMJM in partnership with Scottish artist Karen Forbes, the Evolution Tower in Moscow is a stunning piece of modern architecture that represents the evolution of man through its twisting DNA helix pattern, a testament to the power of human ingenuity.

The unique spiral design of the tower is a remarkable architectural accomplishment, with an overall twist of 156 degrees clockwise – one of the most extreme twists in any architectural project.

Each of the tower’s 52 floors is rotated through 3 degrees, leading to its twisted corkscrew shape. 

The building’s smooth glass façade is a technical achievement in itself.

Guardian SunGuard HP Neutral 60/40 solar protective glass was chosen for its combination of aesthetic and performance qualities.

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