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Super Spacer® presents itself automation ready at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE

At FENSTERBAU FRONTALE Edgetech Europe will demonstrate the advantages of the flexible Super Spacer® for automated processes in the digital age

Super Spacer® presents itself automation ready at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE

Through the use of intelligent automation, insulating glass manufacturers are capable, on the one hand, of taking advantage of the economies of scale offered by producing higher volumes and, on the other hand, of economically realising even out of the ordinary customer requirements in batch size 1.

“Automation-ready” components are required in order to transform this customer-oriented thinking into digitised production, Edgetech considers itself best equipped to meet this challenge.

Joachim Stoss, Managing Director of Edgetech Europe GmbH and Vice President International Sales at Quanex, confidently claimed, “Flexible spacers such as Super Spacer can now really demonstrate their benefits.”

Very high levels of investment are required for activities arising from the processing of rigid spacers, such as bending, desiccant filling or the joining of sections, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

Automatic application of flexible spacers reduce much of the set-up times and the line is flexible to the maximum possible extent, in terms of window dimension, glass type, number of panes and spacer width.

“Super Spacer is set in parallel down to the last millimetre and guarantees a visually appealing and, above all, tight edge seal,” added Johannes von Wenserski, authorised signatory of the company based in Heinsberg.

In almost every single country in Europe warm edge has gained a market share of over 50 percent in the spacers sector. “The core function of our warm edge spacers remains the ongoing number 1 issue for our visitors at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE,” Johannes von Wenserski continued. “In the end, the best overall package of Psi values, climate protection, room comfort, flexibility and production efficiency will decide which solution will edge its way to the front of the market.”

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