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Tecglass Silver Sponsor of China Vehicle Glazing Summit 2019. Are you ready for Smart Digital Printing?

Tecglass Silver Sponsor of China Vehicle Glazing Summit 2019

Tecglass technology developed for the automotive industry is the focus of the Fenzi Group’s digital branch participation in the October 24-25, 2019 Summit in Shanghai, China, where the Spanish company’s innovative prowess places it among the event’s A-list players.

Tecglass is a Silver Sponsor at this top-ranked automotive glass industry event in a sector that maintains an average 20% annual growth pace in the Asian market. The company is showcasing a full range of high-tech solutions and cutting-edge tools custom-engineered for this field which, especially in this part of the world, doesn’t hesitate to show its growing fascination with Spanish-made digital printing tools.

Developed for sectors like the automotive industry, where mass production is crucial and innovation is often synonymous with flexibility, the latest technologies in the Single Pass Evolution mark a decisive leap forward in digital printing with ceramic inks. This innovative machine can increase productivity, cut costs and production time, while delivering perfect print quality every time. Specifically, with the Single Pass Evolution each individual piece of glass can be marked with a different printed code (like a QR code), or a logo to further personalize the product – right from the machine’s workstation, quickly changing the design to be applied to the glass, without altering the machine’s configuration – all while printing one piece of glass after another with different layouts, at high speed. Without question, the Single Pass Evolution delivers the utmost in performance to the automotive industry.

The Jetver Automotive line of ceramic inks rounds out the array of Tecglass products featured at the Summit. While complying with the strictest qualitative standards set by auto manufacturers, the Jetver Automotive line also provides superior resistance to abrasion and climatic stressors, adaptability to the most advanced technologies and excellent results on all tests.

Click here for an overview of Tecglass solutions for the automotive industry

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