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Keraglass sells its Jumbo lamination line to Vetrodomus and Batalha Tempra

Keraglass announces the finalisation of two major agreements for the sale of lamination lines to Vetrodomus (Brescia, Italy) and Batalha Tempra (Leiria, Portugal). The two lines will be installed during the first half of 2020.

Keraglass Tempering Furnace

Two top international glass industry firms have thus invested in a special, automatic, high-productivity “made in Italy” line for latest-generation glass of large size, which features exceptional flexibility in production size changes for small and medium products.

“Keraglass’s relationship with Vetrodomus originated in 2004 with the installation of the tempering furnace,” said Keraglass founder Stefano Spezzani. “In the ten years since then, the partnership has grown on a basis of mutual trust, with installation of the entire Keraglass product line, from tempering to screen-printing and from coating to lamination.”

The relationship with Batalha Tempra is of more recent date but just as close. “We have been working with them on both tempering and EVA lamination since 2007,” Mr Spezzani added. “Now, with the arrival of the Deluxe “Jumbo” lamination line for glass of large size and the recently installed new Vision800 tempering furnace, we have further consolidated an association which has the aim, as with Vetrodomus, of providing state-of-the-art upgrades for major production businesses.”


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