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See an Intermac Master CNC, Primus Waterjet and the CT Red Cutting Table Fully operational at GlassBuild 2019

Intermac GlassBuildAmerica 2019
“We are particularly excited for the opportunity to showcase these three machines at the Atlanta GlassBuild”
Carey Brayer Intermac VP of Sales – Glass Division

Intermac has now revealed which of their three leading-edge solutions they will dynamically demonstrate to visitors in Booth 3435 at GlassBuild America in September. Unlike exhibitors that have static equipment displays, Intermac will create a real-world operational environment in its technology-enhanced exhibit.

For the first time ever, guests can see the company’s newest model Master ONE CNC work center, as well as the GlassBuild debut of the 3-axis Primus 184 Waterjet cutting machine. The third Intermac innovation in operation will be the Genius 37 CT-Red cutting table for float glass.

  • Master ONE: Intermac’s new 3 or 4-axis CNC machining center for processing glass, executes a wide range of machining operations with maximum acceleration and axis speeds, effectively minimizing wait times and decreasing processing times.  When it’s enhanced with the optional Pressure Intensifier, customers can realize faster processing speeds from 40 – 60 percent. Equipped to operate the revolutionary Diamut HELIX tool, Master ONE produces holes in glass with integrated upper and lower countersinks for glass sheets up to ¾-inch thick.  The HELIX tool accomplishes it all using a single tool that requires no tool change.
  • Primus 184: For the first time, GlassBuild guests will also get to see a Primus 184 Waterjet 3 axis-cutting machine, the ideal solution for all workshops with limited space. The Primus 184 is designed as a plug-and-play system that enables production to begin without delay. Those familiar with its performance say Intermac has included many features and benefits competitors have overlooked or charge extra for. Primus 184 stands out for its compact overall dimensions – the electrical cabinet is integrated into the console cabin, while the optional abrasive removal system is incorporated into the structure of the machine itself.  
  • The Genius 37 CT-Red demonstration will clearly highlight the advantages of a machine equipped with an automatic tool change and a label printer. By automatically depositing labels on the glass itself, this smart cutting table saves a tremendous amount of time that operators spend manually applying labels. The label printer greatly decreases the time glass must remain on the breakout table before moving to storage racks, thereby increasing cutting throughput rates.The label printer option can pay for itself in as little as six months.

“We are particularly excited for the opportunity to showcase these three machines at the Atlanta GlassBuild event because it is the best attended of the North American shows,” said Carey Brayer, Vice-President of Sales for Intermac America. “We have been talking to a lot of customers who are planning to come to Atlanta and looking forward to being able to interact with factory-based product managers as well as North American sales people who are extremely technical and know the options and benefits of Intermac technology inside-out.”

Visitors can also learn more about SOPHIA, Intermac’s revolutionary IoT app and cloud-based software management tool. This easy-to-use dashboard provides real-time visibility into machine status, performance and functionality. SOPHIA is also fully integrated with Intermac’s PARTS portal, giving customers the power to purchase parts, check availability and track purchases online 24/7!

GlassBuild America will be open at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta from September 17-19, 2019.

Please contact your local Intermac Product Area Manager for free admission passes.      

For more information, please email [email protected] or call 704.357.3131.

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