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Mykita Store – accentuated colour and form | Glas Trösch

From Singapore to Cape Town and Honolulu: Mykita markets its “Made in Berlin” eyewear worldwide and with great success. Glas Trösch is on hand to provide stylish, colourful counters.

Mykita Store – accentuated colour and form | Glas Trosch

The makeover of the Munich branch was marked by the challenge of satisfying the design requirements of the brand.

Here, Glas Trösch adds a special splash of colour to the room with LAMEX COLORDESIGN.

Mykita founder Moritz Krueger and his eyewear label stand for a trendy yet timeless design across the board, which appears outright minimalistic but also features that certain something that causes an international stir.

Similarly, the makeover of the Mykita store in a listed building in Munich’s city centre by interior designer Stephanie Thatenhorst is now also turning heads.

The colour range from white to anthracite that is usually seen inside Mykita stores has been broken with a delicate touch: the coral-red carpet, bronze-coloured mirrors and a counter made of natural stone combine the values of the corporate design with new colour variations across 170 square metres.

Glas Trösch was able to supply a unique eye-catcher with the VSG 8/2 LAMEX COLORDESIGN in UV-bonded beige and green.

The glass cubes are assembled to form a counter, offering an elegant presentation space for the displayed eyewear models in colours that harmoniously complement those of the eyewear.

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