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Guardian Glass Project: Leica Leitz Park

Guardian SunGuard SuperNeutral™ 70/41 was chosen for the curved glass facade of Leica Leitz Park.

Leica Leitz Park was designed by Gruber + Kleine-Kraneburg Architekten, the new Leica Camera AG headquarters building at the Leitz Park in Wetzlar is a commercial complex that offers Leica enthusiasts and fans of photography exciting insights into the world of Leica.

The curved façade of the Leica Leitz Park headquarters closely resembles a set of camera lenses. Two cylindrical structures form the main entrance to the building – the circular segments continue inside, providing an automatic association with the Leica lenses and ring products.

On the ground floor, a partially curved glass façade standing some 5 metres high and running around the entire structure, offers passers-by expansive views into the building.

Guardian SunGuard SuperNeutral™ 70/41 was chosen for the curved glass facade. With a low solar factor of 41% and a light transmission of 70%, SN 70/41 provides the ideal balance between solar control, light transmission and thermal insulation, adding to the comfort of the employees and visitors.

The glass façade, together with the construction of a viewing platform, emphasises both the architecture of the new building as well as the entrance to the city of Wetzlar.

Leica Leitz Park
Leica Leitz Park

COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Wetzlar
ARCHITECT: Gruber + Kleine-Kraneburg Architekten
CLADDER: Hunrücker MB
SunGuard® SN 70/41
ClimaGuard® Premium2

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