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Electrochromic Glazing : The Benefits of Smart Glazing

The advantages of electrochromic glazing

The advantages of electrochromic glazing and electrochromic glass market

The advantages of electrochromic glazing are numerous, both in the industrial and residential sectors. It allows to limit the number of elements present on the facade.

It also allows the occupants of a building to benefit from natural light without having to suffer from glare or heat. Electrochromic glazing means smart glazing. It is a glazing that can tint itself depending on the external light.

You do not have to think about anything anymore, your windows adapt automatically to optimize your comfort. However, you can also choose to control the intensity of its opacity on your own thanks to the Halio app or a remote control.

But first, let’s go back to how Halio glass works.

How does electrochromic glazing work?

Thanks to its advanced technology, smart glass tints itself depending on the sunlight. The latter is measured using a sensor that is installed outside a property, a facility or, more generally, a building.

This sensor is in communication with the glazing via the cloud and transmits information about the ambient sunlight. The glazing is tinted automatically when the sensor measures excessive brightness.

Conversely, when the sensor identifies the sunrays as weaker, then the Halio glass takes on a more transparent shade.

If you wish, you can also adjust the colour of the glazing on your own. Halio Glass windows have 9 different shades, adjustable according to your wishes.

Thanks to our application or your remote control, you can adjust the intensity of the opacity of all windows in your building at your fingertips. This system allows you to have total control of the incoming brightness of your building.

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The advantages of electrochromic glazing 

The first advantage of Halio windows is to allow the occupants of the building to have natural light in all circumstances.

Therefore, its applications in different sectors are as follows:

  • In a hospital, it has been proven that natural light helps patients recover faster. Daylight also increases the performance of the medical staff. Staff is more efficient and also less absent when in a brighter workplace.
  • In work offices, outdoor lighting improves the performance and productivity of workers. In addition, it contributes to the well-being at work, reducing the risk of depression and burnout. Thanks to the electrochromic glazing, you optimize your surface by making all your square meters liveable.
  • In a home, the fact of preferring smart windows to blinds and blackout curtains improves the living conditions of the inhabitants. And in addition, the Halio glazing reduces the energy consumption of a building and participates in obtaining several certifications.
  • In a museum, the intelligent shading of the Halio glazing makes it possible to better preserve the artworks, while offering visitors a more pleasant experience thanks to a more natural light instead of artificial lights.

Thanks to the regulation of natural light, smart glass brings numerous benefits.

Whether you are a real estate investor, museum or office manager, you can take full advantage of the technology provided by the electrochromic glass.

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