Saturday, April 17, 2021

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NSG Optiwhite® adorns entrance of new Artizon Museum in Tokyo

NSG Group announced that Optiwhite®extra-clear glass was installed in the first floor entrance of the Artizon Museum (former Bridgestone Museum of Art, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan) which opened on January 18, 2020

Founded and operated by the Ishibashi Foundation, the Artizon Museum is located on the lower floors of Museum Tower Kyobashi, was completed in July 2019.

On the first floor, the arrangement of a seven-meter Optiwhite® extra-clear glass, manufactured by NSG Group, brings in the natural light to provide an excellent view of the open-air atrium connecting first and second floors of the building. The entrance also features the electrically-powered revolving door built with nine sheets of large glass.

NSG Optiwhite® adorns entrance of new Artizon Museum in Tokyo

Optiwhite® is a low-iron extra-clear glass with advanced visual clarity. Compared to the standard float glass, Optiwhite® gives a greater sense of unity between indoor and outdoor spaces with its very high transparency, creating a spatial presentation in harmony with the surroundings.


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