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NorthGlass Sinest Ruyang Production Base Held the Production Ceremony

NorthGlass Sinest Ruyang Production Base

On November 11, 2019, the new factory of NorthGlass SiNest, located in Ruyang industrial agglomeration area, Luoyang city, was filled with colorful flags and crowds.

The production ceremony of Luoyang NorthGlass SiNest New Material Co., Ltd. (referred to as: NorthGlass SiNest) Ruyang Production Base was held here.

NorthGlass Sinest Ruyang Production Base Ceremony

County magistrate of Ruyang County, Luoyang City Zhao Zhenfeng, Head of the United Front Work Department of Ruyang County Liu Jinhui, leading cadre of each bureau at county level, Chairman of NorthGlass and NorthGlass SiNest Gao Xueming, Vice President of NorthGlass Lei Min, General Manager of NorthGlass SiNest Jiang Wei attended the production ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Cao Jidong, General Manager of Luoyang NorthGlass SiNest New Material Co., Ltd.

NorthGlass Sinest Ruyang Production Base Ceremony

At 10:00 am, the ceremony officially begins. Jiang wei, General Manager of NorthGlass SiNest, first expressed his gratitude to all the leaders, guests and friends from all walks of life who participated in the production ceremony, and paid tribute to the NorthGlass SiNest employees who have been working hard on the front line.

He said: “the production base of NorthGlass SiNest has been put into operation, which conforms to the call of the national environmental protection and the development needs of the fabricated curtain wall industry. With the help of more than 20 years of mechanical research and development as well as manufacturing capacity of NorthGlass, NorthGlass Sinest came into being. Its successful production is bound to have a profound impact on China and even the world curtain wall industry.”

NorthGlass Sinest Ruyang Production Base Ceremony

County magistrate Zhao Zhenfeng congratulated on the trial production of the first production line. He points out that in recent years, our county firmly establish the new concept of development, with high quality and economic development as the goal, focusing on industrial transformation, continuously optimize business environment, vigorously develop the new material industry led by green building materials, attracting a group of outstanding green building materials enterprises, and has been has been determined as a demonstration county for the development of fabricated buildings by Luoyang City, now is gradually become a well-known demonstration county of fabricated building and green building materials industry in the whole province and even in the whole country.

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The County Party Committee and government will continue to optimize the service and support the healthy development of the green building materials enterprises such as NorthGlass Sinest as always. The production line of NorthGlass Sinest will inject new vitality and power into the economic and social development of Ruyang. It is hoped that NorthGlass Sinest will continue to make greater contributions to the development of Ruyang.

NorthGlass Sinest Ruyang Production Base Ceremony

Then, Chairman Gao Xueming, county magistrate Zhao Zhengfeng and other leaders held the unveiling ceremony, Ruyang production base SiNest production line officially opened. After the ceremony, Chairman Gao Xueming accompanied county magistrate Zhao Zhenfeng into the workshop to visit. The chairman said that this SiNest production line has no similar products at home and abroad.

The materials we produce are new, our production methods are new, and the application of Sinest materials is new. Therefore, this product contains the characteristics of new materials, new technology and new application. county magistrate Zhao Zhengfeng inquired about the production process and technology in detail, and encouraged NorthGlass Sinest to pursue first-class, and then get to a new level.

NorthGlass Sinest Ruyang Production Base Ceremony

It is learned that from next week, the base will officially welcome prospective customers from around the world to visit. After the production base of SiNest products is put into operation, it will promote the extension application field and market development of SiNest equipment and new materials.

The production line of NorthGlass SiNest is another milestone in the development history of NorthGlass. Northglass SiNest will exert the strength and gather the wisdom of the whole company, work hard, advance unswervingly on this new journey, and make greater contributions to the revitalization of the national industry.

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