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NSG PAIRMULTIEA® and SE® selected as No. 1 Eco Premium Products

NSG Group announced that “PAIRMULTIEA®” and “PAIRMULTISE®”Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) were selected by t Kitakyushu City as “No. 1 Eco Premium” product in the “Kitakyushu Eco Premium” Program


An award ceremony for the eco-friendly products was held on October 9, 2019 at the ECO-TECHNOLOGY Exhibition 2019, the largest exhibition of cutting-edge environmental and energy technology.

Through its innovative glass technology, NSG Group will continue to save energy in the buildings and houses.


These Low-E IGUs are manufactured by NISHINIHON ITAGARASU CENTERCO., LTD., by utilizing the Group’s proprietary online CVD coating technology. The products are equipped with excellent thermal insulation and heat shielding properties contributing to saving electricity by alleviating burden on the air conditioning in buildings and houses.

Online CVD coating technology

One of the Low-E (emissive) coating methods utilizing CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) technology. Low-E coating with excellent durability can be performed in the process of producing float glass by leveraging its high temperature.

Kitakyushu Eco Premium Program

The Program is run by Kitakyushu municipal government. Designed to choose environment conscious products and services manufactured or provided within the city that will contribute to reduction of environmental burdens as “Kitakyushu Eco Premium” for large-scale promotion to enhance their awareness and help increase their sales.

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