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Halio Glass: Natural light supports patient health

Studies show that optimal natural light in healthcare facilities not only has a beneficial impact on patients, but also on medical staff Halio® is a smart-tinting window solution that delivers full, smart control over incoming light, without the need for invasive shading systems that can potentially become contaminated.

Halio Glass Natural Light

Natural light contributes to patient well-being and health. Research shows that access to natural daylight reduces stress in patients to such an extent that it lessens the need for analgesic medication by 22 percent.

Moreover, natural light also decreases the average length of a hospital stay by four days.

More generally, seeing daylight reduces the risk of depression3, a condition which definitely must not be added to the health issues a patient or resident is already going through.

Invasive shading devices that block the view often make patients feel like they are in a prison. Moreover, 92 percent of curtains show contamination within one week4, increasing the risk of nosocomial infections.

Halio is an all-in-one solution for keeping out the sun’s glare and heat, but without blocking incoming daylight or the view.

Halio Glass Natural Light

This smart-tinting glass system for external windows delivers unprecedented control over incoming natural light without the need for invasive blinds or curtains and the risk of nosocomial infections such devices bring with them. Halio also creates privacy on demand for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The level of opaqueness of the dynamic (electrochromic) glass can be easily regulated to meet specific needs via a smart connected control system featuring automatic, proactive and predictive control options.

It gradually and evenly transitions from the most transparent to the darkest state in less than three minutes. Not only does this all-in-one shading system deliver benefits for patients and staff, it also contributes significantly to the building’s energy efficiency, thus reducing climate control costs.

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