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The European Federation of Glass Recyclers joins the “Close the Glass Loop”

FERVER – the European Federation of Glass Recyclers – joins “Close the Glass Loop” – the major industry stewardship programme for glass packaging recently kicked-off by FEVE

If one major target of the platform is to reach a post-consumer glass container collection target of 90 percent, the other one is to ensure that the recycled material is reused again into a new production loop of glass containers.

FEVE European Container Glass Federation

“We are eager to collaborate on the Close the Glass Loop platform. We fully support its mission and objectives, and we are glad to be involved in its shaping from its early stages,” said Ulrich Ix, President of FERVER. “Recycled glass is a precious resource for the container glass production loop. It means a more resource-efficient production process, more sustainable and competitive glass packaging solutions for the market, more opportunities of sustainable growth for the whole glass packaging Circular Economy.”

“Cullet processing companies are a key enabler to the final recycling of post-consumer glass into a new production loop. This can’t simply happen if collected glass is not properly sorted, treated and upgraded into a furnace-ready raw material,” stated Michel Giannuzzi, President of FEVE. “The collaboration with FERVER members is therefore fundamental if we want to achieve the Close the Glass Loop objectives. We are really glad to count on their collaboration.”

The “Close the Glass Loop” initiative aims to unite the container glass value chain under a multi-stakeholder European programme. FERVER and its national member companies will collaborate to the design of the national action plans that should be presented next year at the official launch of the platform. Increased collection of post-consumer glass packaging (or cullet) must go abreast with its higher quality collection.

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This will enhance the processing phase and lead to greater recycling of glass into new production loops. Where collection systems remain poor, it will be important to optimize and develop sorting and treatment systems to increase yields and generate more furnace-ready cullet.

FERVER is the European association of glass recycling companies, with more than 40 members spread over 20 countries, including 3 non-EU Countries (Norway, Russia and Turkey). The association aims to bring together glass recycling industries at the European level.

FERVER promotes, on a sustainable basis, the dialogue with European Union institutions and European organizations linked to glass recycling.
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About FEVE
FEVE is the Federation of European manufacturers of glass containers and machine-made glass tableware. Its members produce over 20 million tons of glass per year. The association has some 60 corporate members belonging to approximately 20 independent corporate groups.

Manufacturing plants are located across 23 European States and include global blue chip and major companies working for the world’s biggest consumer brands.
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