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SYSTEMGLAS® Balances Aesthetics with Fire Protection

SYSTEMGLAS® optimises aesthetics, daylight and fire safety in exclusive Notting Hill renovation

SYSTEMGLAS® balances aesthetics with fire protection

A comprehensive project to refurbish an open plan, first floor kitchen and dining space within a luxury Victorian residential property in Notting Hill, UK, has utilised the Promat SYSTEMGLAS® Celare fire resistant glazing system to balance outstanding aesthetics with assured passive fire protection.

SYSTEMGLAS® balances aesthetics with fire protection

An elegant floor-to-ceiling glazing element with a butt-jointed corner, specified with a 30-minute (EI30) fire rating, was an integral part of the design in the renovation project, allowing for a high level of natural light to be introduced into a stairway and downstairs hallway via the kitchen.

With its fire resistant PROMATECT® H framing set into the surrounding floor, walls and ceiling to give a frameless effect, SYSTEMGLAS® Celare enabled the architect to achieve the dual aesthetic and performance goals and deliver client peace of mind.

SYSTEMGLAS® balances aesthetics with fire protection

Ideal for contemporary interiors where uncompromising fire safety is required, SYSTEMGLAS® Celare maximises the potential for natural light transmission. It is designed, manufactured, and processed by Promat UK at its ISO 9001 (2015) and ISO 14001 (2015) registered factories and installed only by Promat approved installers. This enables Promat UK to offer a certificate of compliance on completion to give architects and clients a 360 degree ‘wheel of assurance’ in respect of the fire performance, with complete supply chain traceability, should the worst happen.

Ian Cowley, Regional Director (UK and Scandinavia) at Promat said, “This refurbishment project in Notting Hill is a fantastic development with a high-quality interior an open plan layout, due to a visionary approach by the architects and owner.

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“We are delighted that SYSTEMGLAS® Celare has been selected, due to its ‘virtually frameless’ appearance that complements the modern luxurious interior along with maximum assurance of fire protection with the SYSTEMGLAS® 360° Wheel of Assurance.”

Celare is one of four solutions available in the SYSTEMGLAS® range, with the other options being the steel framed Ferro, the timber framed Ligna and Advenerat, which also utilises PROMATECT® H to provide a paintable frame or one that can be over-clad. These systems provide dependable fire protection in all kinds of glazing applications from EI30 to EI120.

Detailed specification guidance is available in the newly updated SYSTEMGLAS® Specifiers Guide, which can be downloaded at

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