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NorthGlass SiNest: a new standard in green construction

Based on silicon and derived from tailings and other waste SiNest aims to innovate both glass and non-transparent curtain wall construction applications.

NorthGlass SiNest New Material Co., Ltd. made its first appearance at Fenestration Bau China in Shanghai with its “first” product, SiNest Unit Curtain Wall.

The company held a SiNest new product release conference on the technical system created by NorthGlass SiNest New Material Co., Ltd., which was designed to address several problems in curtain wall building applications.

During the exhibition, NorthGlass SiNest New Material brought a series of exhibits ranging from basic materials to light steel composite structural plate, as well as the SiNest unit curtain wall, demonstrating applications for the whole industrial chain.

SiNest is based on silicon and looks like honeycomb, and the raw materials are derived from silicon tailings and other waste, made by way of high temperature foaming. This new material can be used as a high quality wall material, having light weight and high strength, fire resistance and heat preservation.

It is hydrophobic and moisture-proof, and is capable of both sound absorption and sound insulation. Stable and durable, the decorative surface can be made of stone-like materials, which can compare favourably with all kinds of stone. There is no hidden danger of the surface cracking and falling off, making it a perfect wall material.

With the emergence of these new materials, the company has also created the SiNest unit curtain wall system, which achieved application standards after testing and is catered to the industrial transformation of building construction. The company will launch a SiNest application innovation competition to help popularize SiNest.

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NorthGlass SiNest New Material combined raw materials using different supporting technologies, creating a process model for different varieties of technology. This includes innovation of key production equipment to optimize production efficiency and cost, and to enter the market with better economy.

The curtain wall systems of building envelopes can be divided into transparent and non-transparent curtain walls. Transparent glass curtain walls are widely used in modern buildings, especially high-rise buildings, because it is easy and reliable to assemble.

Non-transparent curtain walls mainly act as a decorative layer of building envelopes, hanging stone or other decorative panels on traditional masonry and cement walls. Due to the heavy solid walls, these types of curtains walls are not suitable for assembly construction, and are limited in high-rise building use.

The SiNest unit curtain wall solves many problems of solid wall applications. Light weight and strong, the material allows for integration of exterior decorations and a solid wall, changing the fussy multi-material and multi-process of non-transparent curtain walls.

It is suitable for restricted use areas such as high-rise steel structures where earthquakes and high winds are common. It can be built in most constructions that use glass curtain walls, and makes the external wall of buildings more colourful, more energy saving and more economical.

After six years in development, the birth of SiNest is poised to make great contributions to the industrialization transformation of high-quality green building materials and construction.

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