FIRESWISS FOAM: Protection from Fire, Smoke and Heat Radiation

FIRESWISS FOAM: protection from fire, smoke and heat radiation

FIRESWISS FOAM is a type of class EI fire-resistant glass that provides vital protection against dangerous heat radiation.

This distinctive property is based on thermal insulation: the side of the glass facing away from the fire only heats up by around 100 K even at fire temperatures of almost 1,000ºC.

FIRESWISS FOAM has a multi-layered structure featuring energy-absorbing thermo-transformation layers. These layers completely absorb radiant heat in the event of a fire. They then expand and form a firm, tough foam sheet to which the fragments from the float glass pane on the fire side adhere. This creates a sandwich structure which, combined with the shattered panes, forms a highly efficient heat shield and barrier against smoke and flames.

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